Not to be bleak or anything, but nothing makes you think more about your mortality and your finances when coping with the death of a parent. Over the last few months, I’ve insisted that I know more about my remaining parent’s financial situation while also examining our own fiscal positions as we hit the stride of middle age.

But it also does make one take a look at one’s own health, particularly after gaining weight as one approaches a year under stay-at-home orders. Writing this post helped me kick my own butt into shape, starting a daily exercise regimen that includes elements of yoga, strength training, Pilates, walking (for at least 30 minutes at a brisk pace), and dance. What are you doing to stay healthy as you age towards your retirement?

Healthy aging into retirement

with advice from Brewer Physical Therapy

As we get older and approach retirement, it’s common to talk about your fiscal health for retirement. The common worry is, will I have enough money to be comfortable? But have you considered your physical health when approaching retirement? Taking care of your body as you age means you’ll truly be able to enjoy your time away from your career, whether you’re spending more time with the grandkids at home or traveling around the world.

The National Institutes for Health notes that there are three things to pay attention to when considering your health as you get older.

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