We’ve all told ourselves little white lies about our health and wellness. That cake doesn’t have that many calories. It doesn’t help if I only go for a quick walk. I’m too old to workout anymore.

But those little white lies add up, in your cholesterol numbers, in your weakened muscles, and around your waistline. As the new year begins, our members have some ways to help you tune out those fibs and to focus on improving your health.

7 fibs you’re telling yourself about not exercising

with advice from AIM Rehab Services and DynamX Physical Therapy

Most of us know that exercising regularly is good for our health, and that too much sitting or inactivity is bad. But sometimes we tell ourselves little white lies about why we can’t exercise. To learn more about some of the most common untruths, as listed by the American Physical Therapy Association, read the full entry at physiquality.com!