I will admit that my diet these days is closer to Santa’s diet than I’d like to admit. Now that my work is slowing down as the holiday grows near, there’s been a lot of baking and cooking in this house, and none of it would qualify for a low-cal diet. Given what the rest of the year has been like, I am pledging to follow some of these suggestions… after January 1, 2021.

Getting fit during the holidays

with advice from Baudry Therapy Center

Many of us have overindulged this year to survive one of the strangest years on record. Food. Sugary drinks. Alcohol. As we try to put on holiday clothes for that family Zoom call, they might not hug our bodies the way they used to.

Physiquality member Baudry Therapy Center in Louisiana found that Santa’s been on an all-cookie diet preparing for this year’s present delivery, and he’s not able to be as active as he once was. So they have been posting daily videos to help Santa — and inspire the rest of us — to improve both our habits and our health. Here are some of their suggestions for a healthy holiday season and a happier 2021.

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