Today is Reading Day at SMU, a day to take a break between in-person classes (that don’t exist anymore) and in-person final exams (which may or may not take place). Usually Fondren Library is buzzing with activity today, as students cram and review a semester’s worth of information. But the building is closed down, and students are studying in place, as it were.

As a team, SMU Libraries has been discussing how to reach out to students and encourage them from a distance. Our marketing department asked us interns to create a couple of videos to post on social media. I put this one together via Animoto.

Good luck to all SMU students as they approach finals week. Pony Up!

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Learning as a librarian: Wellness @ Fondren – JRB websmith · April 25, 2021 at 4:14 pm

[…] to quickly change what we had done into something that would work remotely. As a group, we interns created a short video to encourage students from afar, but we knew it wasn’t nearly enough. The following term, as […]

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