We have all entered a new normal. Parents are learning how to work from home when kids are running around. Everyone is trying to follow the latest social distancing rules, whether that means getting take out instead of eating in or bumping ankles instead of shaking hands.

And anyone trying to recuperate from injury is certainly wondering what’s safe in this environment. My colleagues at PTPN sent these guidelines to their members, and any concerned patients should follow up with their own PT clinics to make sure they are following similar guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Coronavirus and physical therapy

advice from PTPN, Physiquality’s parent company

Among the many concerns you have about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), are you wondering about attending physical therapy appointments? The good news is that, for now, outpatient therapy clinics are considered a relatively low-risk environment for exposure, and most clinics are well-versed in proper disinfection and protection procedures.

Here’s a list of best practices that therapy offices should be following. Feel free to call your physical therapist and ask about the office’s safety precautions, as well as what your therapist’s recommendation is for you regarding physical therapy appointments.

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