I’ll be succinct — my own hips hurt right now, but it’s not related to bursitis, the topic of today’s post. It’s because I’ve been sitting on the floor for the last three hours as I’m in the middle of moving from the D.C. area to Dallas. So I’ll let my words below speak for themselves.

Why do my hips hurt?

with advice from ActiveWrap

Our hip and shoulder joints are a little different than the other, linear joints in our body. These joints are ball and socket joints, which allow us a wider range of motion than our knee and elbow joints.

But it also means there are multiple causes of pain in these joints, particularly as we grow older and these joints deal with more wear and tear.

When it comes to hip pain, one common cause is arthritis. The joint is held together by ligaments and muscles, and cartilage on both the femur and pelvis help to avoid friction between the bones, which can cause pain. When the cartilage gets worn away, this creates arthritis in the hip.

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