The blessing and the curse of working on digital marketing is that websites don’t have page breaks. The temptation is to continually add information so that everything is in one spot. But if you need a print piece to hand out in person or to email for distribution, you quickly realize how much you have crammed into those pages.

My client EDUCATA has been offering online coursework for physical therapists for years, so this year’s venture — partnering with the Oncology Section of the APTA to offer a week-long workshop in person that requires several of our online courses as prerequisites — created lots of new challenges to us.

As someone who manages course descriptions for lectures that are usually one or two hours in length, advertising a workshop for 56 hours of credit can be daunting. When people are paying thousands of dollars, rather than $29.95/credit hour for a short course, they want to know as much as possible about the course. So how do you fit all of that into one page when one of your locations asks for a PDF to post at the facility?

You organize your information graphically. You edit your copy as best you can without losing the key objectives of the course. Or the fact that the attendees will be certified after the week-long workshop. Or the impressive qualifications of your professors. All while trying to keep your font size at a legible level.

The end result.