While meant to be a break from your regular routine, travel can sometimes add stress to it instead. If you’ve finally gotten into a daily or weekly workout regimen, or started losing weight after months of gaining, you don’t want to lose that momentum during summer vacation.

I have found that when I’ve been able to work out while traveling, I’ve become more relaxed. If the point of vacation is to make time for yourself and your family, shouldn’t part of that be focusing on your better health? We spoke to some members and partner vendors who had some great tips for ensuring that your fitness isn’t forgotten, wherever you go.

Working out while on the road

with advice from Richard Baudry, PT, DPT, OCS,
Yousef Ghandour, PT, MOMT, FAAOMPT, and Brian Klaus

With Memorial Day behind us and Independence Day quickly approaching, many of us have plans to travel in the next couple of months. If you’ve been trying to stick to an exercise regimen, here are some ideas for how to continue working out when you leave your regular routine behind.

“Exercise that doesn’t require bulky equipment or a lot of space is best while traveling,” advises Brian Klaus, the Vice President of Stretchwell, Inc. (a PTPN preferred vendor that offers a variety of progressive resistance products). Why take up space in your luggage with heavy weights or bulky equipment?

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