I’ll be the first to admit that I do not feel comfortable on a bike. I’ve always preferred my feet on the ground, and a few close calls (and one firm embrace) with trees have left me hesitant to get on a bike unless there is an urgent need to do so.

But cycling is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your body without a great deal of impact. I actually did ride a stationary bike for several months in 2007, to build my bone density after months of rehabilitation and compensating had left my right leg weaker than my left. I was bored out of my mind for those daily rides, but I had stronger bones and muscles. If you’re capable of riding in your neighborhood without the constant prospect of running into a tree or car (again, unlike me), I’d highly recommend trying it as a way to get exercise and run errands without burning any gas.

Cycling for better health

with advice from Anna Dark

How are those resolutions coming? Are you cooking more at home? Have you seen your dentist (or at least made an appointment for your annual cleaning)?

If you’re looking for a way to increase your activity, cycling or bike riding is a great way to be active.

Anna Dark, the Fitness Director of the Take Charge Fitness Program (a wellness facility run by Physiquality member Clinton Physical Therapy Center in Tennessee), says that cycling has many health benefits. Cycling is an aerobic activity, which is great for your heart and circulation. Going for regular bike rides also increases muscle strength and flexibility, while also improving joint mobility and bone strength.

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