I learned early on that my husband and I do not do well together when it comes to working out. He’s all intensity and competition. I’m more introspective, listening to my body rather than those I’m working out with. But the studies do show that for many couples, working out together can actually improve the relationship. So this one’s for them…

The pros and cons of working out with your partner

with advice from Randy Gustafson, PT, MPT, MOMT, OCS

There are many benefits to working out with another person: Motivation. Accountability. Group support. Combining exercise with a social activity. But should you work out with your significant other?

Sharing a common activity with your partner has been shown to lead to better relationships. This doesn’t have to be a physical activity, but playing sports together, or taking a dance class together, can improve your relationship. And if you’re learning together, it can help increase your confidence in both the activity and your relationship.

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