I have, on occasion, considered running a race. Then I laugh it off and move on.

All kidding aside, I get the pull of running: Your only investment is a good pair of shoes and race entry fees. You run on your schedule. You can run as little or as much as you like.

Speaking of running a race, if you plan to take up running, signing up for a race is the best way to ensure that you’ll continue to run, but it’s best to be smart about it. I talked to one of our PTs about the best ways to train for your first 5K. Read on for his tips.

Preparing for your first race

with advice from Ryan Bozant, PT, DPT

In theory, running is an easy sport to take up — it might seem that you could simply put on a pair of running shoes and run. But if you don’t take into consideration the proper form, training, shoes and nutrition, you could easily set yourself up for an injury.

While we all may have run around the playground as children, running is not a natural skill for most of us as adults. Many of us sit for hours at a time, in front of a computer at work or at home on the couch. So before you focus on improving your time, make sure that you have thought about your form. If you have tried running already, but have felt pain after or especially while running, consider seeing a physical therapist for a fitness assessment, as well as gait analysis, to determine whether improving your form can reduce pain and the chance of injury.

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