While no fitness program can completely prevent injury, there are many ways to reduce your risks of injury, especially when it comes to athletic conditioning. I talked to two of our partners about some of the many ways to focus on prevention at home, at the gym and at the physical therapy clinic.

Preventing injuries

with advice from Joyce Klee, PT,
Anna Dark,
and Mark Salandra, CSCS

Many people think of physical therapy clinics as a place to recover from injury, or a place to do rehabilitation after an operation. But many physical therapy clinics are now offering a broader range of services, shifting their attention to both prevention of and recovery from injury and illness.

Clinton Physical Therapy Center, a Physiquality member in Clinton, Tennessee, launched their wellness program, now known as the Take Charge Fitness Program, 20 years ago in 1995. It was originally intended as a bridge program for clients who had reached the end of physical therapy, but weren’t quite ready to exercise on their own. “Many of the people who come here need supervision that they can’t get at a health club,” says co-owner Joyce Klee. “We can cater their exercise programs to specific health issues, whether they are orthopedic or neurological problems, or other issues, like obesity.”

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