As a dancer, I had never really thought about my balance or finding ways to strengthen it until after my first major knee surgery in my 30s. Even after years of physical therapy and rehabilitation, my turns are poor and my balance, particularly on one foot, is not great. You can bet after writing this that I’m seriously getting my own Indo Board so I can do a few of these things at home.

Improving your balance

While focusing on balance (or the lack thereof) is often associated with aging and fall prevention, improving your balance and stability should be a key part of any exercise regimen.

Many exercise classes incorporate balance activities into their routine, whether you realize it or not. Athletes in particular often focus on balance and stability as it can help to improve both coordination and performance, while reducing the risk for injury.

Indo Board, a Physiquality partner product, is one way to exercise the body’s balance control systems. The board can be used to develop balance, coordination and increased leg strength while enhancing your core fitness. It also improves motor skills, making the Indo Board a great cross-training tool for a variety of sports, from extreme board sports to all mainstream sports. Keeping the board from touching the ground for extended rides is both the goal and the challenge.

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