I have often noted that I am not a runner and never will be, but I do appreciate the need for proper form and equipment for such an activity. Coming from a background of overuse injury, I understand how the wrong shoe or improper form could easily lead to a lifetime of pain.

So I was happy to have three contributors who were quite knowledgeable on the subject. My biggest challenge was making sure all three voices were heard without letting their advice be overshadowed by my citations. There are some great tips in here that would help any runner, from novice to expert, the next time they select a pair of shoes.

Choosing a running shoe

with advice from Virginia Davis, PT, MA,
Brian Hoke, PT, DPT, SCS,
and Laura Winslow, PT, DPT, ACT

As the fall marathon season approaches, with major races scheduled for Chicago on October 13 and New York on November 3, Physiquality will be publishing three consecutive posts on running and marathons. Be sure to stay tuned for our next post on having your gait analyzed by a physical therapist, something one of our experts advocates if you’re having issues finding the right running shoe for your needs.

What should runners look for in a running shoe? Virginia Davis, a physical therapist and owner of Crescent City Physical Therapy (a Physiquality network member in New Orleans), acknowledges that it can be a daunting task to buy running shoes. She reminds runners to “find the best shoe for YOUR feet!” This means that you need to know a great deal about your physiology and your running stride before you make that purchase.

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