Every once in a while, I get a full post from one of our physical therapist contributors vs. short answers to the questions I submit. This post was a prime example, full of great tips and just needing some polish (and shorter paragraphs). I would definitely follow these suggestions if I didn’t think I’d crash into a tree just by looking at a bike (my history with two-wheeled self-ambulatory vehicles is not the best…).

The basics of bicycle safety

by Alison Mason, PT, DPT
and Nathan Humphrey

Warm weather is here and it’s the perfect time to ride a bike instead of hopping into the car to run errands. But before you jump into that saddle bicycle seat, remember that adults and children alike should be cautious when riding a bicycle at all times and in all environments. Here are a few things to remember.

As adults, we often forget the safety rules of biking, or neglect to follow what our parents taught us. Even as adults it is necessary to follow these simple safety rules:

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