OK, so this is more about my editorial skills than my writing skills; I had to take a script for an in-service presentation and adapt part of it into a different voice/tone for this blog entry. But given the topic, I was happy to have detailed source material as I’ve never had to deal with such issues (and I’m thankful I haven’t, given my freelance status for almost five years now).

Personal relationships are key to collecting from patients.

With patients’ copayments, deductibles and other out-of-pocket payments continuing to rise, many therapy practices are finding collections to be more of a challenge than ever. And while much of the advice and expertise on collections focuses on the numbers — aging reports, settlement amounts and so on — PTPN’s experts say that the key to successful collections may lie more with the personal touch.

“The best way to collect from patients is to establish a relationship with the patient when they first come to your practice,” says Stevyn Voyles, COO and vice president of Progressive Physical Therapy (a PTPN member with four locations in Southern California) A pre-existing relationship with the clinic administrative staff is likely to make a collections phone call down the line much more comfortable and productive.

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