As one who has aged with a combination of injuries that is most likely from overuse as a teenage dancer, I’ve tried to be more aware of my body as an adult — aware of how each movement feels, whether I’m in a class for dance, yoga or Pilates; as well as how often I’m working out.

I’ll admit to having done 2 a days in recent memory while trying to lose weight (although yoga + hip-hop isn’t tipping any high endurance scales), but I am amazed at the lengths some people will go to in order to continue running or working out. It was certainly one of the reasons I’d suggested this as a topic for our blog.

Why rest is an important part of your exercise regime

with advice from Daniel Butler, HFS
and Mark Salandra, CSCS

We’ve all seen professional athletes push through pain, playing with sore muscles, injured joints and even broken bones. No pain, no gain, right? Wrong. More healthcare providers and professional trainers are acknowledging that rest is a key component of any exercise regimen.

Daniel Butler, a certified health fitness specialist, is a personal trainer at the Take Charge Fitness Program, a wellness facility run by Clinton Physical Therapy Center (a Physiquality network member in Clinton, Tennessee). Daniel explains, “The act of working out is a traumatic experience for your body. Muscles suffer micro tears, joints and connective tissue are put under stress, and our immune system is temporarily weakened.”

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