January is a great time to look for new staff members. The holidays are behind you, and people are eager to get new jobs to pay off their holiday bills. Whether you’re hiring a new admin or a clinical director, our PTPN experts have some advice to follow as to strive to fill those empty positions at your office or clinic.

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How to hire the right staff for your practice

With the new year approaching, many clinics are preparing to look for new employees. Here are a few tips on what to do when hiring a new staffer, from the front desk to your clinical director.

The front desk

While you may not need someone with clinical skills or advanced degrees in this role, it is often the first person with whom your patients will come into contact when they enter your clinic or call for information. PTPN Claims Manager Mike McManus has become an expert in hiring data entry and customer service professionals for his staff. He reminds managers to look for such basics as punctuality (showing up early for an interview, not just on time), appropriate attire (how would you react if this person greeted you at a different clinic?), and proper grammar and punctuation. He says, “If grammatical errors exist on someone’s resume, you KNOW they’ll exist on correspondence going out to a client.”

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