Full disclosure: I’m the last to go anywhere near a treadmill. I’ve never been a runner, unless something was chasing me. But many of my friends are, and I’ve often wondered if there was any difference in form between running inside and running outside. After talking to a couple of our physical therapists, I wasn’t surprised to find out that while your form shouldn’t change extensively when you come inside to run on a treadmill, there are some common errors that people should keep in mind before jumping onto one.

Running inside: Things to keep in mind on a treadmill

with advice from Jeff Rothstein, MS, CSCS and Robyn Smith, PT, MS, SCS

As the first cold front crawls across the country, many people are transitioning from running outside in their neighborhoods to running inside on a treadmill. And while our experts point out that there physically should be minimal difference in your form whether running outside or inside, there are some factors that people should remember when coming indoors to a treadmill.

  1. Your terrain has evened out.

Why does treadmill running feel easier than running outdoors? “Running on a controlled surface doesn’t require your body to maneuver around obstacles as we would in the road or on a sidewalk,” answers Robyn Smith, a physical therapist at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, a Physiquality network clinic in Michigan.

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