As a long-time dancer, I think it’s fair to say I’ve had a number of injuries throughout my life — back pain, sore muscles, twisted ankles (OK, those are usually from being a klutz rather than an athlete…) But this is one of those questions that, until I did the research for this article, I honestly did not know the answer to. Anyone who regularly works out should keep this information in their back pocket for the day that they come home with a slight injury.

Hot or cold? How to decide whether to use heat or ice when treating an injury.

with advice from Lisa Cox, ATC
and Mitch Kaye, PT

We have all had that sinking feeling after hearing a pop in a joint or feeling a wrench in our back. The pain begins, and immediately the gears start turning in our head: What’s better for this type of injury? Should I use a heating pad? An ice pack? Can I treat this at home or do I need to consult with a specialist, like a physical therapist? Here are some guidelines to remember as you recover.

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