I have to give full credit for this topic to my good friend April Redzic, who writes fitness articles for The Examiner. We often talk shop and she suggested a piece on how core conditioning relates to athletic performance.

While some might not consider me an athlete, a strong core is certainly essential for what I accomplish in a dance class. Without one, I can’t pirouette or turn because my balance will be poor. I can’t change direction quickly without faltering. And in a modern class, which is what I’ve been studying for the past few years, I wouldn’t get beyond the first time I was asked to contort my body while doing a classical move, like a turn while my body’s axis is on an angle.

The core is key. Just ask our experts.

A strong core is a good foundation for any athlete

with advice from Gregory M. Moore, PT, DPT, PES;
Jeff Rothstein, PT, MS, CSCS; and Wayne Seeto, OT, MSPT.

When many of us think of a fit body, we think of killer arms and ripped 6-pack abs. And while that 6-pack may look good aesthetically, the real key is not what your abs look like, but rather to have a strong core if you’re an athlete. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Stability

The core’s primary function is to stabilize your body’s frame. Jeff Rothstein, a physical therapist and Director of Sports Enhancement at the PT Center for Sports Medicine (a Physiquality network clinic in Akron, Ohio), says, “Whether you’re sitting, walking, running, or jumping, the core must stabilize the trunk in order to move efficiently and under control.”

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