Skiing (and snowboarding) season is in full swing, and I know more than one person that has come home from a week on the mountains in a leg brace. While it’s not possible to completely prevent injuries on the slopes (look out for that tree!), you can minimize your chances by doing some conditioning before you hit the powder.

Shaping up for the slopes

February is prime skiing and snowboarding season. The holidays are behind us and, according to Punxsutawney Phil, we have six more weeks of winter and snow. But before you head to the mountains, you might want to do some conditioning to prepare those muscles for the work ahead.

Mary Gannon, PT, M.P.A., the executive director of PTPN‘s New York region, says there are 4 areas to focus on before hitting the powder:

  1. Quadriceps

Strong thighs are essential to controlling your journey down the mountain. There are lots of familiar exercises to strengthen the quads.

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