If you’re like me, my holidays are filled with travel — all day in the car, snoring dog in the back seat, luggage with clothes for a week, and gifts for both sides of the family. Upon arrival, 5 in-law siblings greet me with hugs and I’m then surrounded by activity for the next 7 days while not really being a part of it.

I’m going to do my best to learn from the Physiquality members I interviewed for this post. There are lots of great ideas here, from little things to do while running errands to a full circuit training session that will keep me in shape. I have a feeling that I’ll be closer to the lethargic end of the scale, but I can always keep these as resolutions for 2012.

How can I stay active over the holidays?

The holidays are a tough time to be healthy. Piles of food, miles in the car, and obligations to see family and friends stand in our way. So how can you stay active in between wrapping your presents, sending out the holiday cards and going to Aunt Sally’s for the annual dinner?

Anna Dark, the fitness director of the Take Charge Fitness Program at Clinton Physical Therapy Center, a Physiquality network member in Clinton, Tenn., suggests fitting in some exercises while you’re out running some errands. Here are a few activities she suggests while shopping at the mall:

  • Park your car as far away from the store as possible in order to walk more.
  • Take stairs rather than riding an elevator or escalator.
  • Walk briskly between stores, or add a recovery lap every 2-3 hours by taking a brisk walk around the mall.
  • Do a few sets of releves, a ballet exercise also known as heel raises, by simply lifting your heels and going onto tip-toe for 10-15 repetitions.

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