It seems, these days, that the healthcare industry is turning more and more to prevention and placing more responsibility in the hands of those for whom it is caring. Insurance companies offer incentives to consumers to lose weight and live healthier lives. Businesses incorporate wellness programs to boost health, as well as morale.

It’s impossible to completely prevent illness, but there are many ways to decrease your chances of certain diseases. My company, Physiquality, turned to several of their health and wellness partners to get some ideas on how to live better and avoid disease.

The dos and don’ts of healthy living

Living a healthy life can do much more than make you feel better today — it can help you avoid a plethora of health problems as you age. Small, simple changes to your daily life can pay big dividends in the long run.

With this in mind, we turned to several of our Physiquality partners to ask what they thought were the most important things to do and avoid on the pathway to a long and healthy life. Here’s what they had to share:

Do smile. Smiling changes your attitude and can change your outlook on the day. Scientific American even collated some studies that proved smiling can actually make you feel better.

Don’t worry or stress. When you get distracted by what might happen or what others are doing or have done, it’s difficult to focus on what you need to do on any given day. In the long run, stress can even damage the body, having been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and more. It’s healthier to approach each day with a fresh mind (and smile!), creating a list of priorities and approaching it with a clear head. And if you don’t finish your list that day, congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished, rather than berating yourself for what didn’t get finished.

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