Every once in a while, I get to promote something I truly enjoy. As one who benefited from all sorts of arts lessons and camps as a child, I was excited to meet Kate Meek, who runs her own dance studio in NYC, through a mutual friend.

Four Corners Creative Logo — flyer for Adventures on Stage Summer Camp

Four Corners Creative

Kate needed some help promoting her classes and, in particular, a summer camp that’s starting in a few weeks. She handed me a flyer of her own work that had lots of good information, but not much eye-catching design. While I would never profess to be a graphic designer, I do occasionally develop flyers, business cards and print pieces developed from a business’s web or logo design.

Here, all I needed was the Four Corners Creative logo — and her tagline, “Sing. Dance. Act. Grow.” — to inspire me. I took her words and separated them into a few different, distinguishable areas, and I added some photos from her previous classes. I also used the colors in her logo to make key points stand out, like what the kids would learn and the most important information: pricing, location, dates, etc.

Thankfully, Kate was very happy with the final flyer, so much so that she asked me to create a business card as well. I look forward to working with her more in the future, revamping her website and marketing more dance and acting classes in Manhattan.