four corners creative: marketing materials

I’ve been working with Four Corners Creative for about 6 months now, and I’m always impressed by the programs that Kate Meek, their founder and CEO, puts together. Her marketing materials before she came to me, on the other hand…

After school insert
Four Corners Creative
after school insert

We’ve been working on her website this fall, adding a page to showcase her talented staff and beefing up the content throughout the site. The site design could use some work, but we’re planning to do that in January 2012.

As Kate prepares for the upcoming Spring semester, she needs pieces to illustrate the many programs she can offer, like studio classes, after-school programs, and Broadway workshops. So we worked together to create a brochure that showcased her general business offerings, a flyer that advertised the Broadway workshop she’s doing this month, and an insert to show schools how she can create custom programs pending their needs. I’m very curious to see how these new pieces help Kate expand her business into next year.

four corners creative: adventures on stage summer camp

Every once in a while, I get to promote something I truly enjoy. As one who benefited from all sorts of arts lessons and camps as a child, I was excited to meet Kate Meek, who runs her own dance studio in NYC, through a mutual friend.

Four Corners Creative Logo — flyer for Adventures on Stage Summer Camp
Four Corners Creative

Kate needed some help promoting her classes and, in particular, a summer camp that’s starting in a few weeks. She handed me a flyer of her own work that had lots of good information, but not much eye-catching design. While I would never profess to be a graphic designer, I do occasionally develop flyers, business cards and print pieces developed from a business’s web or logo design.

Here, all I needed was the Four Corners Creative logo — and her tagline, “Sing. Dance. Act. Grow.” — to inspire me. I took her words and separated them into a few different, distinguishable areas, and I added some photos from her previous classes. I also used the colors in her logo to make key points stand out, like what the kids would learn and the most important information: pricing, location, dates, etc.

Thankfully, Kate was very happy with the final flyer, so much so that she asked me to create a business card as well. I look forward to working with her more in the future, revamping her website and marketing more dance and acting classes in Manhattan.