While writing this post, I learned a new phrase that seems like it would be fairly common: Bystander Effect. Apparently, if there is an emergency, the larger the crowd, the more likely people are to stay quiet, hoping someone else (that’s more likely more prepared for whatever problem is occurring) will speak up.

The challenge here is that with someone having a heart attack outside of a hospital, only one person in 10 survives. Only 10%.

And one factor raises the survival rate by an amazing amount: If someone starts CPR within two minutes, the survival rate climbs to 45%. Forty. Five. Percent.

This made me think about what I would do if I suspected someone nearby was in trouble. I will try to remember what our experts recommended in order to keep that person alive.

How to help someone suffering from a heart attack

with advice from AED Superstore

Heart attacks can be scary. They can be sudden, and they can be lethal. Recent statistics show that for every 100 people that suffered a heart attack outside the hospital, on average only 10 survived. But there’s another statistic from the American Heart Association that will give you hope — that improved to a 45% survival rate when a bystander performed CPR. This means that the more people understand how to respond, the better our survival rate from heart attacks will be.

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