When it comes to temperatures, I’m a bit like my bulldog or Goldilocks: Not too hot, not too cold… I want it just right.

But I can respect people who make resolutions to go out there no matter how cold the weather is in order to stick to their fitness or running goals. I just hope they heed some of the advice I gathered from our experts.

Preparing for running in cold weather

with advice from Mitch Kaye, PT

When temperatures drop but you’ve made a resolution to run more in 2020, you might feel like you’re trapped between an icy rock and a hard place. But if you wear the right gear and approach your run with the right attitude, you’ll be keeping pace with your goals before you know it.

Here are six things to keep in mind as you run in freezing weather:

Wear the right clothes and shoes. You might be tempted to dress like a polar scientist, but running in cold weather requires lighter, looser gear. Think layers — air trapped between your layers of clothing can be insulation against the cold. And remember that you’ll get warmer as you run; the general rule is to dress like it’s about 20 degrees warmer than what it actually is, so you will be a little chilly when you start running.

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