I can easily say that for us, the last six weeks of the year are the most stressful time, every year, hands down. Balancing the needs of two families, plus all of the holiday communications, plus wrapping and finding gifts for more than 30 people, plus all of the requisite cooking and traditions that need to be followed… It’s a lot.

I often forego certain classes because of other commitments, yet when I do finally attend yoga or go to a dance class, I feel so much better. (The challenge is what I do afterward — I went from yesterday’s yoga class to the grocery store, home to clean up, to 2 different malls for my son’s photo with Santa, then back home to cook dinner for guests.)

But we do what we can. Like most people, I try to remember not to overburden our schedule too much, and to take breaks to avoid burnout before Santa even makes it down the chimney.

Using exercise to manage stress

with advice from Diego Kim, PT, DPT

The holiday craziness is in full swing: Office parties and family gatherings. School performances and final exams. Impending travel and days away from work and your regular routine.

The end of the year can be overwhelming, and it’s not uncommon to be stressed out. While you might be tempted to grit your teeth and push through your crazy schedule, it’s healthier to acknowledge your stress and manage it in a healthy way, like through exercise.

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