As a website manager and editor, there is always a day (or timeframe) where you start to realize that perhaps that website you’re managing may look a little old-fashioned. Other websites are prettier. Flow better. Are mobile-friendly. Use larger images. (Big is the new small.)

So then you talk to your client. Suggest an upgrade. Just a little tweak here and there, which leads to a (much-needed) overhaul. It takes a lot of work, but the new site is launched. And it’s just as glorious as you thought.

This week, we were able to launch a redesign of, the site for physical therapy network PTPN. The site looks fantastic, and for me, the admin side is 10 times better than the old one. Our graphic designer Eat Sleep Work did a great job customizing a lot of the back end to make it easier to enter some of the data and to vary the pages the users see.

Now we just need to redo the sister website to match…