Infertility is one of the most personal problems a woman can have. Once a couple has decided they are ready to take the leap and become parents, and then have months and perhaps years without a pregnancy, it can be demoralizing.

After a series of knee surgeries in my early 30s, my husband and I decided to take the leap. I went off birth control. Started tracking my ovulation with compulsive fervor. And nothing. Had some tests. And some more tests. And nothing. It took two and a half years of testing and treatments that led to our beautiful son, thankfully without the trials (and expense) of IVF.

I don’t know that the manual therapy I wrote about for this post would be applicable to the reasons I had problems conceiving. But I will tell you that the more options presented to a woman trying to conceive, the more she will consider.

Can physical therapy help with infertility?

Infertility is a challenge for many families. There are a variety of reasons a woman might have problems conceiving, and many ways to face those challenges to increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant. Physical therapy has been shown to be one way to increase the possibility of pregnancy.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, some physical therapists choose to specialize in women’s health. These therapists help women cope with a variety of feminine conditions, ranging from incontinence to postpartum pain. The treatments can include myriad types of therapy, including manual therapy.

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