As a writer, I’m at my desk most of the day. I’ve done my best to maximize the space — the ergonomic chair with back support, a place to support my legs when my knees get tired. But I still have back aches from time to time, particularly on days I’ve worked away at a project for a few hours straight. Putting together pieces like this remind me that I need to pay attention to my posture daily if I want to be able to relax at night.

Sitting pretty: Proper sitting posture

with advice from Richard Baudry, PT, DPT, OCS
and Dandelion Dreams, Inc.

Most of us spend more time at the office than we do at home, which is why it’s so important to consider how our behavior at the office can affect how we feel at home. If you sit at your computer for several hours each day, are you sitting pretty?

Before you look at yourself in the mirror, reflect on your desk and workspace. Specifically, says Alan Zovar, a physical therapist that works at Dandelion Dreams, Inc., (a Physiquality partner), you should think about the angles in your body as they interact with your desk. Your eyes should be approximately 18 inches away from your computer screen, he says, and they should align with the middle of the screen, to avoid looking down or up too much, which could cause neck strain in the long run. In the same manner, your chair should be centered with the monitor to minimize twisting the head in order to see the screen.

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