With professional baseball season in full swing, here’s a reminder for baseball parents that perhaps year-round baseball isn’t such a good idea. As I’ve written about in the past for Physiquality, playing multiple sports throughout the year strengthens athletes’ skill sets and lets stressed muscles from one sport rest while another set is tested. That’s why I was astonished to hear that in the South, it’s not uncommon for a young boy of 8 or 9 years to be on THREE different baseball teams that play in the spring, summer and fall. Given my own overuse injuries, I’m hoping that we can encourage our own son to diversify and enjoy a variety of sports and activities.

(And yes, this Cardinals fan managed to fit in a dig at the Cubs in her opening paragraph. Old rivalries die hard.)

Preventing baseball injuries

with advice from Mark Salandra, CSCS

Spring training is over and baseball season has begun. And while most sports injuries are as unexpected as the Cubs leading the American League at the beginning of June, there are a few things that parents and coaches — and baseball players — should know about preventing injuries during the sport.

Mark Salandra educates and trains athletes young and old in strength and conditioning, with the goals of better fitness and lower rates of injury. A certified strength and conditioning specialist, and the founder of StrengthCondition.com, a Physiquality partner program, he points out five common injuries and conditions that players should be aware of.

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