Some weeks it’s a struggle to get qualified information for my posts on health and wellness. And then there are weeks like this, where I had three highly-qualified experts contact me with pages of excellent information. While I don’t play golf myself, I understand the dangers of overuse and wanted to share as much advice as I could from these three PTs.

What every golfer should know about injuries

with advice from Brandon Brackeen, PT, DPT,
Marc Schoettle, PT, DPT
and Chris Wickel, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Whether you just started hitting the links or have been playing golf for years, understanding the variety of injuries that can result from playing golf will help your game, as well as your overall wellness.

For beginners, says Chris Wickel, a physical therapist at Conshohocken Physical Therapy (a Physiquality member in Pennsylvania), injuries can often happen because of poor body mechanics. While many people may think it’s simple to pick up a set of clubs and hit the links, a bad golf swing can lead to years of bad habits (and bad scores).

If you’re new to the sport, consider taking some lessons with a teaching pro — the PGA certifies teachers who can ensure that you learn the game with proper form. If you’ve tried playing and have felt pain during your swing, consider consulting with a physical therapist, whose musculoskeletal expertise can reduce pain and improve your game. As a Titleist Performance Institute Certified medical professional, Chris is an expert in evaluating a player’s golf swing and pinpointing where an error occurs in its mechanics.

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