I was rather proud of how this post came together. Rather than taking my advice from a few sentences I’d requested from a member, my research was pages of information on each problem, loads of information that had to be summarized in a paragraph or two without losing accuracy, while making the information comprehensible to those without medical training.

When I sent the post for review to our PT, I think she had two very minor changes over two pages of material, more to clarify than correct. So the shoulder is mastered. Should I learn about the ankle next?

Protecting your shoulder during summer sports

with advice from Cristina Martinez Faucheux, PT, COMT

Protecting your shoulder during summer sports.

Summer is coming, along with plenty of outdoor sports and activities. But athletes need to be aware of their bodies; many summer sports can cause shoulder injuries, particularly if played several times a week.

While different “overhand” or “overhead” sports – think any sport that requires arm rotation, like swimming, tennis, volleyball and baseball, especially baseball pitching – use different muscle mechanics, all such sports can lead to shoulder instability. Repetitive rotating motion can cause the shoulder ligaments to loosen, and possibly even dislocate the shoulder.

“Pay close attention to how your shoulder feels when playing your sport,” says Cristina Martinez Faucheux, a physical therapist and co-owner of Moreau Physical Therapy, a Physiquality clinic in Louisiana. If the shoulder feels loose, or if a quick pain is felt when raising your arm overhead, like something is slipping or pinching in the shoulder, this could be subluxation of the shoulder, and something that would require treatment with a physical therapist.