I suppose I’m rather thankful that I’ve never had any feminine issues serious enough that I needed to seek treatment (except for the lone pregnancy, which is of course a whole other ballgame). I’ll admit that since I had Andrew, I do have a small issue when I sneeze occasionally. But it doesn’t happen frequently enough for me to seek help.

Some women live with chronic pain, and whether it’s in their back or neck, or a more private area, physical therapists can often help to reduce or eliminate such pain. Read on to learn about yet another area where they can help you feel better.

How do physical therapists improve women’s health?

with advice from Kim Gladfelter, PT, MSPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
and Karen Munger, PT, MSPT

It can be easy to shrug off feminine pain or problems because it would be embarrassing to discuss them with, well, anyone. In honor of women’s health week, consider consulting one of the many physical therapists that has specialized in treating issues that are specific to women’s health, making them an excellent resource when your health problems can no longer be ignored.

Karen Munger, a physical therapist, chose to work at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, a Physiquality clinic in western Michigan, because the owners supported her efforts to develop a women’s health program there. They provided her with the education and equipment necessary to evaluate and treat such issues as pelvic floor dysfunction, including pelvic pain and urinary incontinence; constipation-related issues and bowel incontinence; postpartum problems; and core retraining.

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