As someone who has had her fair share of musculoskeletal issues, I have been amazed by the wealth of information and scope of knowledge had by the PTs with whom I have worked. Their problem-solving skills and the ways they approached my treatment were fantastic.

When I spoke to Joyce for this article, one of the reasons behind their fitness program was the difficult transition from rehab to fitness. It is a transition I have struggled with in the past; I was lucky, in New York, to find a PTPN member who offered Gravity fitness classes at her clinic, and I took those for a year after my physical therapy (for a cartilage implant) was complete. I hope that more PTs continue to expand their services into preventive and wellness programs like the ones described by our members in this article.

How can physical therapists help you
reach your health and fitness goals?

October 2013 — National Physical Therapy Month

Many people think of physical therapists as healthcare practitioners to be seen after surgery, or for rehabilitation for an injury. While they fulfill both of those roles, many PTs are now offering a broader range of services, shifting their attention to both prevention of and recovery from injury and illness.

With wellness and exercise programs continuing to be in high demand, physical therapists are ideally suited to help people of all ages and fitness levels reach their wellness goals. PTs are the medical community’s leading experts in helping people improve the way their bodies work, feel and move. In fact, that’s what Physiquality is all about: connecting you with the most highly qualified therapists in your community to help you and your family stay healthy and active.

With that in mind, here are five Physiquality members who offer a variety of specialty programs across the health and wellness spectrum at their clinics.

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