I am still amazed that many of our network members do not have websites for their clinics; they simply don’t understand the need. Perhaps it’s a generational divide. They see it as a flashy waste of time; as a patient, I see it as a way to get to know the clinicians and the tone of the clinic before I set foot in the door. (Plus, I can see if any of their PTs have a background in dance or working with dancers.)

Regardless, we try to help those members see why they need a website as part of their marketing plan. And not just throwing up a page or two with their street address and a couple of badly-lit photos of their staff and rehab space — one that has considered their target demographics and what information they’d want to learn from their website. Perhaps one where patients can download forms and learn about wellness and preventative care. And hopefully one that follows basic search engine optimization rules so that future (and current) patients and clients can find it easily.

How are physical therapy patients finding your website?

What form of advertising is cheaper than direct mail, radio, newspapers and the once-requisite Yellow Pages? A website. Creating a site for your practice is a key component of a private therapy practice’s marketing plan. It reaches regional and national audiences, in addition to your local clientele. And it’s easy to measure your results.

Even though most of your patients will be referred by physicians, they’ll still go to the web to check out your practice. It is a place where patients and clients can learn about your therapists, see what services you offer, and even download patient forms, so that they can have them in hand at their first appointment.

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