When it comes to writing about the business of physical therapy, I am very thankful that much of my source material comes from proprietary sources. In this case, PTPN had surveyed its members about what they liked/disliked about the software they were using for EMRs, or electronic medical records, and my task was to distill the information into some general advice on how to shop for such software.

It’s days like this where I’m glad to be writing about such things instead of having to find such software myself. There were more than 15 companies mentioned in the survey, and they had so many different options that I can’t imagine trying to find the right fit for my business. If you do, I’d definitely take a look at what our members said were the pros and cons of their software, below.

Shopping for the right EMR
and billing software for your practice.

Many therapists are grappling with the transition to electronic medical records (or EMRs, also known as electronic health records or EHRs) and electronic claims submission. To gain some insights into these issues, PTPN recently conducted a member survey regarding their experiences with EMRs and billing software services.

Members of PTPN and PTPN Nexus can access the complete survey results by logging in to the ptpn.com website at www.ptpn.com/provider/index.php. Simply click on “Provider Tools,” then “Practice Management,” after logging in.

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