It’s always a challenge to use other articles as a source while making your new post unique. So much of my source material organized its tips by mode of transport that it took a while to reorganize the information into a new format that looked more at how to take care of your body while traveling, instead of how you were getting there — in the end, you’ll be sitting for long periods of time and hauling your luggage around, regardless of whether it’s stored overhead or in your trunk. There were several points that I’ll have to remind myself of when we take our next vacation, especially when it comes to overpacking.

Tips for pain-free travel

with advice from Michael Beauvais, PT

As we get deeper into the summer and the July 4 holiday approaches, many of us are packing up the car or boarding a plane for a summer getaway. If you’d like to get to your destination without a sore back or stiff muscles, try these simple tips to improve how you feel upon arrival.

  1. Try not to overpack.

When selecting what you’re taking, remember that the more you put into your bag, the more you’ll have to lift — in and out of the car, into an overhead compartment, etc. A heavy bag can quickly lead to a strained muscle. It’s better to take a couple of smaller bags than one overly heavy bag. And if you’re going on an extended trip, think about shipping some of your items ahead.

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