As a practitioner of Pilates for several years now, I can attest first hand to its benefits. Not only do the exercises elongate the body, but when taking classes (I’m on hiatus until after my pregnancy), I feel stronger and leaner than with simply dance or yoga classes. There is a reason why; take a look at the entry below to understand how Pilates can complement your exercise regimen.

The benefits of Pilates

with advice from Kim Gladfelter, PT, MPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

For years now, Pilates has been touted by people ranging from health experts to celebrities, singing praises of how it sculpts the body without the bulk of weight lifting. But there are many benefits beyond that toned behind; here are a few reasons you should consider trying a Pilates class.

  1. Pilates is three-dimensional, working the entire body.

Kim Gladfelter, a physical therapist and owner of PhysioFit Physical Therapy (a Physiquality network clinic in California), is a certified Pilates instructor. Kim notes, “Pilates is an overall body fitness system that addresses imbalances, core control, strength, flexibility, movement efficiency and balance.” Because it is low-impact and works multiple muscle groups at the same time, Kim’s clinic not only offers Pilates classes to the public through their wellness center, but they also incorporate Pilates into their physical therapy and post-rehabilitation programs.

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