While everyone likes to start the new year off fresh, I don’t think many practice office managers look forward to mastering the new regulations that go into effect every January 1. Changes in Medicare reflect changes we’re seeing across the spectrum, that focus on better care for less money. Here are the things that rehabilitation therapists will have to incorporate into their billing practices for 2013.

Changes in Medicare for rehabilitation therapists in 2013.

A new year brings new legislation that affects therapists, in particular how they will be reimbursed for Medicare patients. Here are a few things that private practice therapists need to be aware of as they open their clinic doors in 2013.

Reimbursement update: The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

While Americans were focusing on relief from the fiscal cliff over the last few weeks, the bill that President Obama signed on January 2 also incorporated important elements that affect rehabilitation therapists.

  • The good news: The legislation holds Medicare rates at 2012 levels, averting the planned 27% cut that would have happened without Congressional action, and it extends the therapy cap exception process through December 31, 2013.

  • The bad news: The bill increased the MPPR (Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction) from 20% to 50%. According to PTPN Vice President Nancy Rothenberg, “this will lead to about a 6% to 8% decrease in Medicare reimbursement for private practice, all other things being equal.”

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