As content becomes ever more important for searchability and keeping readers on one’s site, I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten another venue for writing for one of my clients. It is a challenge, to be sure — I’ll now be writing about business topics related to physical therapy, while still covering wellness and health topics for their other website — but one that I take on gladly.

I am amazed to see how much I have written in the last two years; while I hid behind a “communications” label for a long time, I am proud to tell people now that I am a writer. A marketing writer, yes, but one who still has to create a great deal of content throughout the month.

With that said, here’s my first piece on the business end of reimbursement for physical therapy, and the changing shift from “pay for performance” to “pay for outcomes.”

“Pay for outcomes:” The future is now.

As healthcare spending continues to increase, consumers and payers alike are trying to find ways to cut costs. In an article in Managed Care magazine last fall, an industry executive who surveyed health plans concluded, “Pay for performance as we know it is dying. Pay for performance is evolving into payment reform and these new models of payment reform will take the place of what was P4P in the past. That evolution is happening right now and it’s happening quickly.” The article’s author adds, “Paying for improved patient outcomes may be the only way to ensure that providers are delivering what health plans and their employer clients want: greater value.”

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