It’s always a little strange to write about something which you’ve never experienced, but many friends have. In fact, my friend April (seen in the header of the entry) wrote about this very topic after having the first of her 2 children. I know if I were to have a baby, this would be extremely important to me, both for mental and physical reasons, and having talked to several experts on the topic, I’d certainly feel more confident in how I moved forward in the gym after birth.

Postpartum exercise: Creating a healthy body post-baby

Most mothers will agree that exercise after delivery can be challenging; your body has been tested to its limits, you’re getting little to no sleep, and you have a new life to care for 24 hours a day. But after their bodies have been through such stress and weight fluctuation, exercise can help new mothers lose excess weight and feel better.

As Ann Cowlin, an expert on women’s health points out, not only does postpartum exercise help women lose weight and regain fitness, but it has also been shown to reduce postpartum depression. (Ann is the creator of Dancing thru Pregnancy, one of Physiquality’s partner programs.)

Pregnancy is hard on the body, and it can take time to recuperate and rebuild strength. Our experts’ number one recommendation is that women be aware of diastasis recti, or a separation of the abdominal wall. Cherie Hamelin, a physical therapist at Orthopaedics Plus (a Physiquality network clinic with two locations in Massachusetts), recommends testing yourself for diastasis recti using the following method:

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