The Physiquality lifestyle isn’t just about fitness and physical therapy; our goal is to have our customers eating well too. I spoke with a couple of nutritionists that work with our members, and the conversations definitely told me what to avoid when I’m loading up my plate (and glass) next week. They gave me some good tips on how to enjoy the holiday without overindulging.

Eating healthy over the holidays

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving approaching next week, the eating season has begun. While people often approach holidays like Thanksgiving with the attitude that it’s only one day of splurging, it can have long-term effects. A study by the National Institute of Health showed that despite only gaining 1-2 pounds a year over the holidays, people held on to the weight, leading to health problems later on.

When deciding what to serve or eat, there are a few things you should think about leaving out. Alyssa Cellini, a nutritionist with ProCare Physical Therapy (a Physiquality network physical therapy clinic in New Jersey), suggests replacing the following holiday menu items with healthier fare:

  • Eggnog. One cup of eggnog contains 60 grams of sugar — the same as eating two glazed donuts. It also contains 20 grams of fat, half of most people’s daily allowance. Think about replacing it with a glass of wine.

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