One of the companies I work with, Physiquality, has been building an impressive array of wellness partners over the last few years. They’ve added several fitness programs since our launch in 2008, and I’ve often taken the chance to try out these new classes in order to get a sense of the program before I write the copy.

After researching our new partner, Serius Strap from Railyard Fitness, I’m dying to try out this type of fitness. The dancer in me is keen to sample the balance exercises, and (as with most women), I’d always love to chisel off a little bit more of my midsection. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any classes in Hoboken, so I’ll have to settle for writing about suspension training until then.

Why you should give suspension training a try

Suspension training has been a big buzz word lately. Infomercials abound, singing its praises. Military men brag about the added strength they build with it. Celebrities endorse it in the pages of magazines and on TV shows. So what is it?

A suspension training device is essentially a very strong strap with handles on the ends that can be secured to something overhead, like over a door or to a beam. The beauty of the systems is that you can do literally hundreds of different exercises with them.

Whether you’ve seen one before or not, here are some good reasons you should give suspension training a chance.

  1. Suspension training strengthens your core.

Your core, or postural, muscles stabilize your body. While they are a small portion of your entire body, strong muscles around your trunk and pelvis enable balance and stability and make other physical activity much easier.

Suspension trainers effectively make your core muscles turn on and work. By increasing your instability, suspension trainers make you work harder to complete exercises. David Berman, PT, who worked with Railyard Fitness to create the Serius Strap, uses the following example: “It’s like the difference between sitting on a standard chair, where the chair provides all of the stability, and sitting on a fitness ball, where your body has to work a bit to keep you from falling off.”

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